Western Red Cedar is the ideal timber for building a modern lightweight kayak or canoe, as well as Greenland style  and canoe paddles

Why Western Red Cedar?

Because quite simply it’s the ideal wood for building light-weight boats. It is easy to cut, plane and sand, and when cut into thin strips of 5-6mm will easily conform to the outline of the forms upon which a boat is built.

WRC is a great timber for building Greenland paddles too, the natural spring, feel, and the density all combine to make a paddle that feels good in the hand and in the water too.

What about other woods?

Boats or paddles can be built from virtually any timber, Spruce, Pauwlonia and Obeche are often used. Hard woods such as Purpleheart and Mahogany, Maple, Ash and Oak can be used to create feature strips in boats and laminates in paddles for extra strength or tip protection; however at a cost..they will make a boat or paddle heavier.

Kayaks and Canoes:

If you buy a kit, or a building pack which contains all the materials needed, you will have the advantage of constructing a ‘known’ item, ie the performance and characteristics of the boat will have been evaluated by others so you will have a good idea of the style of boat you have chosen.

Some designers can tweak their designs to produce plans for  a boat to  match your body weight, height and build. These boats will often be more suitable for advanced paddlers or a specific type of boat like a Greenland style kayak.

A self-designed boat will draw on your experience and shape preferences, and may or may not ‘work’ as well as a proven design, so it is important to try to study some aspects of hull design and aqua dynamics to understand the figures which accompany the software used to design a boat.

Greenland paddles

Our wood paddles are built from top quality Canadian clear Western Red Cedar, laminated to provide extra strength to the loom and this creates the distinctive arrows on the paddle.

Inua, and the Formby Finger can also be constructed in carbon fibre or carbon/glass composite.

The Scrapper is only available in composite form.

We can also laser engrave any design or personal information on the blades.

For information on paddle sizing please contact us.

CBE would be happy to help design/build a custom boat or paddle to your specific needs.

Please contact us for prices.